SelfLoops brings ANT+ to all Android devices

If you're a fitness nut and/or enjoy knowing bits and pieces of information about the environment around you using smart sensors, SelfLoops may very well have made an accessory you're all about. This SelfLoops ANT+ accessory (as it's so humbly titled) brings about connectivity to fitness and health sensors that use the ANT+ protocol – every single one of them. Then while you're at it, this accessory charges your Android device up on-the-go.

So you've got this brick-looking device made by SelfLoops. You plug it in to your Android smartphone, download a couple SelfLoops apps, and you're on your way. What this accessory does is connect to any and all ANT+ devices you've got on hand – and there are a lot of them at this point, mind you, feeding any relevant information in to your smartphone.

*UPDATE: SelfLoops does indeed note that this device works with any application written using the official AND Alliance APIs at this time – so you're free to go wild!

Once you've got the information in your phone, the SelfLoops suite of apps is able to make use of it all. At the moment, this sensor only works with the SelfLoops apps – in the future, it's easy to imagine this accessory acting as halfway point between Android devices and a wide variety of accessories and apps.

Meanwhile this accessory accesses humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure all on its own.

This accessory works with all Android devices so long as they're working with Android 2.3.4 (that's all the way back to Gingerbread!) or higher. Inside you've got a rechargeable 2000mAh battery that'll be the hookup for your Android phone, and the whole machine comes in at just 1.76 ounces.