Self-Powered House Generates Income for You

This is a concept project that's on its way to real reality. I say real reality because not only are there hopes to turn this project into a reality, there's money moving towards that end. In Germany, this "Plus-Energy" house is designed by Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), headed by Werner Sobek (who succeeded the great Frei Otto, a master of lightweight structures.) – thanks for the info, TreeHugger. There's a bit of credibility right there that lends itself toward thinking this is a project on its way toward the real world. What is it? Why, it's a square house completely covered in photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems that generate electricity and hot water.What else would it be?

Of course the whole interior of the house is green as it can be, designed to make the most of everything including energy and light (hence the giant windows.) Two electric cars "come with" the house too, both of them getting all the power they need from the houses energy intake. After that as well as all the energy you've used in your day-to-day, apparently there'll be even more left over, this energy then available for you to sell to the city power companies for a profit. Basically it seems like this house is the greatest thing since solar power was harnessed in the first place. Will it work the way they say it'll work? Check back in the middle of next year – that's when they say it'll be done and ready to go.

[Via DVice]