Sega's new Crazy Taxi was just released: here's how to download

We've been seeing Sega tap its Crazy Taxi series a lot lately, launching a mobile version of the original Crazy Taxi game on iOS and Android last week. This week, however, Sega is back with an all new Crazy Taxi title, this one called Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. Though this has the Crazy Taxi name and features recognizable characters from the series, Gazillionaire isn't like any Crazy Taxi game of the past.

That's because this is an idle game that tasks you with building a taxi empire. Idle games, as many of you might already know, are games that task you with earning currency and then using that currency to buy items that allow you to earn even more currency. It can be a vicious circle, but if you're one of those gamers who likes seeing increasingly huge numbers, then this is certainly the game for you.

In Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, you start as a taxi service with a single cab to its name. You're pitted against the Prestige Megacorporation, which has already made billions of dollars through a combination of ridesharing and automated cabs. It sounds like Prestige Megacorporation is somewhat analogous to our very own Uber, or at least what Uber someday aspires to be.

While this isn't exactly the Crazy Taxi many of you remember, there are some familiar sights for longtime Crazy Taxi fans. The game does have that colorful Crazy Taxi aesthetic, along with a soundtrack provided by none other than The Offspring. Beyond that, though, those looking for some by-the-books Crazy Taxi gameplay can check out Crazy Taxi Classic, which is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free.

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is a free-to-play, ad-supported game that offers in-app purchases, though one nice thing about this arrangement is that you're rewarded in-game for viewing ads. It's available now on the Google Play Store [download] and the iOS App Store [download], so if need a little more Crazy Taxi in your life, have at it.