SEGA Vision no PSP rival, just PMP with Java gaming

Disappointing news for anyone hoping SEGA would be making a return to portable gaming hardware.  The SEGA Vision device tipped last Friday – which was claimed to be a multi-function PMP and games console – is actually a Chinese-made media player with no development connection to SEGA themselves.  As for the games, they're basic Java titles similar to that found on a cellphone.Official SEGA statement after the cut

"The Sega Vision is a real device.  But it is not intended as a re-entry to the gaming hardware market or a rival to Sony or Nintendo's systems.  Sega is committed to remaining a software third party in the videogames industry, but also has several non-games products in the market. The Vision is primarily an MP4 video player with some basic games functionality, and not a new handheld gaming machine." SEGA spokesperson

It seems that SEGA have licenced their name to the PMP, but not made any attempt to revive their hardware arm.  Any titles that run on the device are likely to be the same Java games the company makes for cellphones, such as SEGA Rally.

Few hardware details are known about the Vision PMP, but it's said to include a TV tuner, ebook reader and voice recorder along with music and video playback.  It's uncertain whether it will even make it to the US or Europe.

[via Joystiq]