Sega introduce Dream Pony robot

Perhaps it's just me, but I can't help but think that Sega's new Dream Pony robot looks a bit... evil.  Yes, he's all cuddly with the little girl when she's offering him a juicy plastic carrot, but there's that demonic glint in his eye all the same.

Now I'm sure that Sega wouldn't purposefully market an evil pony robot that would bite off your child's arms sooner than whinny at them, and even if they did, its capacity for cruelty is severely limited by the fact that only the head can move.  Sensors on the neck and back can respond to patting and stroking, and he'll make noises when happy or – if the lights go out – when scared.  Children under 36kg (80lb) can sit on him but he won't actually go anywhere.  Probably just mutter curses from The Exorcist under his breath.

Dream Pony will cost 68,000 Yen ($577) and they expect to sell 10,000 of them each year.  Let's hope they don't turn on us and stage some sort of surprisingly-furry Terminator-style apocalypse.

Fuji Sankei [via Pink Tentacle]