Sega arcade slaps virtual zombie guts in your motion-sick face

Holy crap, what happened to pinball and Pac-Man?  It may have been some time since I last stepped into an arcade, and to be frank it's going to be a whole lot longer still if they insist on putting vomit-rockets like this Sega House of the Dead 4 Special machine into them!  Strap yourself into the full-motion, vibrating chair and prepare for two 100-inch XGA projector screens to throw you bodily into the action.

Based around the company's Lindbergh CG arcade board, the game blurs the line between arcade and theme park ride as it buffets you from side to side and generally shakes the hell out of you, while bits of zombie and empty ammo shells ricochet across the screens.  There're even air-jets to simulate getting slapped in the face by an undead spleen.


Currently the machines are being trialled in Europe, but they'll eventually be available for you to coat in your own vomit in US arcades.

Sega [via Kotaku]