Secret co-founder leaves over app re-design

Nate Swanner - Jan 30, 2015, 11:20am CST
Secret co-founder leaves over app re-design

If you didn’t care for the Secret redesign, you’re not alone. We’re sure plenty of your friends have made similar remarks about the visual pop of text overlaid onto pics being better than the streaming posts. It’s entirely possible the mostly white interface is bland to some, or the lack of anything beyond what looks like an eReader screen dissuades many from using it. And hey, if you were so inclined to stop using Secret, that would be okay, too. In fact, Secret’s co-founder might be right there with you.

In a post on Medium, Secret co-founder Chrys Bader relayed a message via his founding partner at Secret, David Byttow. Here’s Bader’s ‘I quit’ text, in full:

With Secret, David and I set out to create a new platform that allows people to be their most authentic selves. I think we did exactly that, enabling us to assemble an incredible team along the way. It’s become clear that the next chapter of Secret is beginning in a way that will be less about the kind of creation and design that I love, and so it’s time for me to step down, let the team do what they do best, and focus on what I do best. — Chrys

Byttow went on to say Secret has “big plans” for the future, and calls the recent overhaul a “success on nearly every level”. The new-look Secret isn’t as flashy as it once was, but the changes did make it more nimble and easier to parse. Secret has also begun geo-fencing feeds to make them integral to events like concerts or the Sundance Film Festival.

Still, it’s strange that a co-founder would relay his resignation via another co-founder on a blogging platform. If Bader doesn’t care for the redesign, it’s possible the process left him adrift at Secret. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Bader’s design was much snappier than this latest iteration of Secret.

Source: Medium

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