Secret app redesigned, gets chat & work features

Anonymous messaging apps have their intrigue, there's no doubt about it. Spilling your most intimate secrets to a group of people who won't know it's you can be both frightening and cathartic, but like the messages themselves, not lasting. After an intense launch that saw it reach the top of the App Store charts, Secret has lost its mojo, and given way to several other apps similar to it. Now it's been refreshed, has a new look, and some new functionality that makes it more of an interpersonal chat platform.

Secret is still secret, though. You can now privately chat someone up who leaves an interesting message, but they won't know you're you. Publicly seen messages in response to posts are staying put.

when you chat on a user's avatar, a chat will pop up with a randomly generated title. That helps you keep the discussions straight, as well as hide any backtracking to your identity.

The chat window also tells you when the other person is in the chat by lighting up their avatar, and even lets you know when they're typing.

Secret is also altering their posting methods. You can now share your location to any post, and will see secrets from your school or city in addition to friends.

Secret for Work is also included, where you can anonymously message colleagues. All groups are separate, too, so there's no chance anyone in your friends list will read your rant about whatever is wrong with the bathroom on your floor of the office building.

The app is seeing an update today via iOS and Android, so keep your eyes peeled.