Search the net with K-Fed

It's a sad day when K-Fed creates his own friggin search engine. The real kicker is that Yahoo is actually the one backing it. What respect I had for Yahoo is now out the window.

He went all out on this one too, he even did a few glamour shots as opposed to the usual pictures of him that let all of his white trash colors shine through. He's even giving away 10 tickets to his Birthday party in Las Vegas; you are entered to win every time you use the search engine.

I'm really curious what self respecting person would go to that. Here's an idea, win the plane tickets, go to Vegas, and then skip the party.

If you don't win the "Grand" prize you could win smaller ones like a signed photograph to scare the rats away. Now they explained on the site the reason they give prizes away, apparently it is to reward their loyal fans, my theory is that he has to actually buy his fans as well as his friends.

K-Fed Launches His Own Search Engine; Internet Loses Yet More Dignity [via Gizmodo]