Search suggestions hit the App Store in the US and other countries

One of the most successful business operations that Apple runs is its App Store. While the App Store has run afoul of regulators and businesses in various countries for payment practices, it continues to be the only place for most iOS users to get apps for their iPhones. Since the App Store launched, one thing that has bothered some users is that you had to know the app you were looking for when searching.

Apple has now announced that it is launching search suggestions on the App Store in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. With search suggestions, users can type in a generic search in the search bar such as "games" or "food." Rather than coming up with specific apps, those generic search queries now bring up a list of suggested apps.

Apple says that users can refine their search to find additional apps and games. Apple has been criticized for some of its practices in the App Store in recent months. Some scam games and apps have made their way onto the app store, looking to take advantage of users. One such game was called Jungle Run and, in some locations, linked users to a sketchy online casino.

This month Apple also announced that it would allow Parler back into the App Store after the app promised more moderation. One of the biggest complaints from developers is Apple's fees to list apps and games on the App Store. In an attempt to appease regulators and developers, Apple announced that it would cut its App Store commission late last year.

Apple cut its commission to 15 percent if developers were earning less than a specific amount. It's called the App Store Small Business Program and launched on January 1. Before that program, Apple took 30 percent of all proceeds from the App Store.