Search for Tilt in Google

If you're reading this on a smartphone, this should work for you. Google instigated a bunch of pranks this year. It seems that this one surfaced a little late. Leave it to Google to embed easter eggs so deep that it takes the collective internet five days to find. Simply load up your browser on your iOS or Android phone and search google for the term, "tilt". The search will return with the results tilted ever so slightly to the right.

Google has a long history of doing special things on their search results. Whether it be from their own engineers playing a fun prank or from hackers gaming the search results to bump amusing results to the top of the queue, there's regular strangeness on the Google homepage. I enjoy it.

You have this little trick, now go play some belated April Fools jokes on your friends.

"I broke your phone."


"Yeah, it's tilted to the side. Weird huh?"

"Doubleyou-tee-eff what did you do?"

"El-oh-El, gotcha."

[via Android Community]