Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ update adds Netflix, YouTube & more

Seagate have already dabbled their feet into the media distribution business recently, what with the FreeAgent Go HDD preloaded with Paramount content, but their streaming content ambitions continue with an incoming update to the FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player.  Taking advantage of the set-top box's ethernet port, the new firmware will allow for Netflix streaming and YouTube access, along with vTune and Mediafly support.

The Theater+ can already be used with the new FreeAgent Go, with docking the HDD into the media player allowing you to watch the preloaded movies on your big-screen TV.  Timescales for the release of the firmware are unclear, but it will be preloaded on new Theater+ units.  The media player itself is priced at $129.99.

[via Venturebeat]