Screw Speed Racer, Racing Grannies are even better

Oh yah, now you can solve the age old question of whose granny can creep along the fastest. I know I'm often plagued by this question, although I know deep down that my granny is better than yours. Now I can prove it too, by purchasing a set of Racing Grannies.

Yes, you did in fact hear correctly. These grannies are not to be trifled with either; I bet they could kick your tail in a race. You just wind them up and watch them go. These grannies come decked out with clashing outfits, silver hair, and saggy boobs. I know, makes you a little homesick for the real thing doesn't it? They even have adjustable arms so they can either stand or bend down to look savagely at the race before them.

Hey those grannies can be pretty scary; I know mine is going to beat me if she ever reads this. Then again she doesn't have a fancy walker yet, she's still a young'un. These speedy grannies are priced at only $14 a pair.

Racing Grannies [via nerd approved]