Schaerer coffee machine can make you money

As coffee machines go, the current trends seem to fall into just a few categories.  There're the semi-pro, industrial-looking examples much-vaunted by sites like Coffee Geek; there are the vaguely twee "kitchen art"-style machines that are more show than go; and then there are the fully-automatic behemoths that lurk menacingly in the corner of the kitchen or office.  Schaerer's Siena quite obviously falls into the latter category.


It's not all froth, however: the Siena is about as complicated as your above-average coffee machine can get.  Not content with a multi-language LCD display, preset buttons for common drinks like espresso, lattes and cappuccino, it will foam milk for you and can produce oodles of steam while simultaneously spitting out coffee thanks to the dual-boiler design.

Should you be a mercenary sort, there's also a self-service coin slot, which can either take real currency or tokens, and a built-in modem for remote diagnostics and remote payment.  That should go some way to offsetting the $3,700 price!  I downloaded the manual to find out more, but I went cross-eyed and had to go lie down.

Schaerer Siena [via Appliancist]