Scarlett Johansson, Henry Cavill go on a Huawei P9 camera showdown

Who would have thought that only Huawei would be able to do the unthinkable and impossible: to unite the cinematic universes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics together. OK, so maybe it's not the superhero showdown you might be expecting, or even dreaming of, but it's still amusing to see Scarlett Johansson, who portrays Marvel's Black Widow, and Henry Cavill, famous for his Superman role, in the same video ad. And that unifying force? None other than the Huawei P9, whose photography skills are put to the test by these superheroes in plain clothing.

Of course, there are no superpowers here, unless you count that of the Huawei P9's much touted camera. Which, of course, was fully and truly co-engineered with famed camera maker Leica, as Huawei is wont to remind everyone. That camera, or should we say, cameras, sport 12 megapixel sensors arranged in a dual setup, with one capturing only monochrome data to augment the quality of the full color sensor. It sounds all good on paper but Huawei wants to also prove it in action, at least through the eyes of these action stars.

No blows are exchanged, not even words. Only photos, with Cavill and Johansson trying to one up each other with the more exciting photo or composition. Amusingly, while Cavill actually has to try and find actual locations and scenes in the real world, Johansson has at her fingertips all the resources, including extras, available in a movie lot.

Perhaps somewhat more interesting than this silent competition is how Huawei is now making aggressive moves to leave an imprint in the US market. Johansson and Cavill are no small names in Hollywood and their endorsement of a product can have quite the impact, not to mention cost, in Huawei's marketing efforts. Suffice it to say, by getting these two big shots in its ad, Huawei is signaling its rivals that it is more than ready to play in the big US leagues.