Scalable Multitouch display by Moto Labs [Video]

Chris Davies - Apr 29, 2009
Scalable Multitouch display by Moto Labs [Video]

The same research group responsible for the Android e-ink prototype have returned with a scalable multitouch system, offering the accuracy of the iPhone on a potential scale more akin to Microsoft’s Surface.  Moto Labs’ multitouch display uses capacitive touch, via a grid of tiny wires that recognize points of contact from any number of fingers.

Video demo after the cut

The grid system has already been used in single-touch displays, but not multitouch.  According to Moto Labs, the benefit is in scalability: right now their prototype is a 19-inch display, but the system could be applied to a 50-inch panel.  The ITO multitouch system used by the iPhone and iPod touch is limited to roughly sub-8-inch panels.

Moto Labs also believe it’s a more affordable setup than rival systems, and there’s an obvious size benefit: with no need for cameras or projectors, as used by the Microsoft Surface, their multitouch display can be as thin as a standard LCD panel.  In fact, the biggest problem right now is manufacture, with Moto Labs’ team producing the system “by hand in our lab”.


[via Loren Heiny]

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