Save that rare sober Britney mp3 from nuclear blast

There's a certain type of man who thinks it's cool to go round dressed up in combat camouflage gear.  They're usually the same people who subscribe to "What Semi-Automatic Machine-Rifle Magazine" and say "ten-four" when they mean "okay."  Well, just in case you're one such man, let me present to you your latest wet-dream in tech form: the IronDrive.

Yes, it might look like a particularly bulky cigarette lighter, but in fact it's flash memory that can survive the perils of moisture, vibration, shock, caustic agents, EMI, and "nuclear effects."  That's right, "nuclear effects"; I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm guessing your up-to-4GB of data would be pretty damn safe.

Capable of operating in temperatures as low as -40 F (-40 C) or as high as to +185 F (+85C), and being stored in anything from -67 F (-55 C) to +203 F (+95C), you're probably okay leaving it sat on the radiator, too.

This is one of these "price on application" things, unsurprisingly, but when it comes to impressing your gun-club buds I'm sure you'll not sniff at a few dollars outlay.

IronDrive [via EverythingUSB]