Sat-Fi aims to connect your smartphone anywhere

Globalstar has created a voice and data device called Sat-Fi, a machine that allows you to connect with cellular and web data no matter where you are on the planet. This device works with any device that's enabled with Wi-fi and is able to connect 8 devices at once.

The team at Globalstar uses an unnamed satellite network to hook you up with data and cellular connectivity wherever you happen to be. Below you'll see this device connecting users on a construction worksite, on a boat, and out in the wilderness.

Globalstar suggests that this unit is simple to set up, ready and operational "within minutes" after turning on for the first time for calls, emails, and SMS. You'll be able to work with 10-digit calling, wi-fi connected data, and caller ID with your standard smartphone.

This device will cost you $999 USD right off the bat. You'll then be paying $39.99 USD for airtime plans on the cheap end, ramping up to Unlimited voice and data at $149.99 a month. While this isn't the sort of structure you'll be picking up for your weekend warrior missions to the ol' fishing hole on your own, it will be ready to roll for small businesses and dirty jobs of all kinds later this year.