Sarotech Frigo RAID enclosures

Chris Davies - May 4, 2009
Sarotech Frigo RAID enclosures

With a name that sounds awfully like a certain other external RAID enclosure, and a logo that’s also pretty similar, we could waste plenty of column inches calling Sarotech‘s Frigo hard-drive enclosures Drobo knock-offs.  Instead, let’s just accept that these things happen, and ask whether space for up to two (Sarotech Frigo RS-2) or four (Sarotech Frigo RS-4) 2TB SATA drives are tempting enough to overlook any similarities.

Both models have USB 2.0, eSATA, FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 connectivity, and with the RS-4 you can have up to 8TB of total space if you fill it to its maximum.  Of course, there’s no data redundancy in such a setup, so the Frigo drives will let you establish unspecified RAID arrays: we’re guessing at least drive duplication, but Sarotech’s site has no mention of the new products.

There’s no telling if any of Drobo’s management cleverness has been “borrowed” by the Korean manufacturer, or if these are simple dumb RAID enclosures.  They’ll go on sale in a few weeks time in Korea, priced at $311 for the Frigo RS-2 and $433 for the Frigo RS-4.

[via Akihabara]

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