SanDisk's latest memory is especially flash

If you ever want a good cure for insomnia, find the nearest old British Conservative and ask them their opinion on the gold standard and whether it was the right thing to do to uncouple the pound from it.  I promise you'll be asleep in around four minutes.  Still, the best thing about gold is the silly ways companies cast it in order to advertise or add that "luxury edge" to a product; today it's SanDisk's turn, and their $5,000 solid gold memory cards.

Created as part of a competition in Japan, buyers of the SanDisk Extreme IV 8GB CompactFlash or Ultra II 4GB SDHC cards will have the chance to win solid gold versions of the cards.  Weighing 150g and 34g respectively, they're apparently worth up to $5,000 if melted down.  I'm not, however, sure if there are working innards; probably not.

The normal CompactFlash card retails at around $190, while the SDHC card comes in at around $100.

SanDisk [via Stackians]