Samsung's VM-X300: Solid-state sports camcorder

Next time I'm para-gliding into a tiger cage in the name of "extreme sports" I'll make sure to carry Samsung's VM-X300 camcorder, which can record 720 x 480 progressive resolution clips straight onto SD/MMC flash memory.  Ready to record just three seconds after powering up the 150g, palm-sized recorder also boasts a 10x optical zoom and EIS anti-shake.


Different modes for PC or DVD-quality TV viewing should avoid too much bother with compression or artifacts when you finally shift the footage back to your computer, and there's basic on-board editing functionality too.  The VM-X300 will also work as a USB-attached webcam, voice recorder, shows up as an external drive for portable storage when plugged into your computer and even has an mp3 player.

It's on sale in Korea now for around $323.


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