Samsung's US plant may be built in Alabama or South Carolina

Earlier this month, sources surfaced claiming Samsung is looking into building a home appliances manufacturing plant inside the United States, a move reportedly to be made in response to the possibility of import taxes under the Trump administration. Now a new report claims Samsung is considering building this home appliances plant in either Alabama or South Carolina, marking a first for the company.

The information comes from the Korea International Trade Association, which says it received confirmation from Samsung Electronics that it is looking into building the plant in South Carolina or Alabama. This plant will be used to manufacture home appliances, and may be necessary to remain competitive with companies like Whirlpool should import taxes come into play.

According to the organization, Samsung will make the final determination about its plant site in the first half of 2017. One source said to be a 'ranking Samsung Electronics official' reportedly said to KITA, "The two US states actively offered us investment incentives. We are comparing their offerings to find the best location. We will focus on advancing the timing of the plant operations there."

The company's business move is in response to threats from the Trump administration over imposing high import taxes for companies making their products abroad. Such threats are intended to increase domestic jobs, but threaten to make the U.S. market a non-viable option for overseas companies who would have to remain competitive with US-made products.