Samsung’s “media blogging” cellphone shoots video to YouTube

Chris Davies - Jul 10, 2007

If mobile video is your thing (personally I can’t get enough of setting fire to Fabergé eggs and filming museum curators sobbing like caged animals) then you may be interested in Samsung’s latest slider.  The SGH-L760 has a 2-megapixel camera and can instantly upload photos and video to happy-slapper’s favourite YouTube or competing sites and


 Samsung SGH-L760

No longer will you have to wait until you’re back home to share that classic footage of a dog soiling itself on your friend’s Camaro.  Other functions include the usual bevy of mp3 and video player, as well as all the messaging loveliness you desire.

Of course, some will attempt to compare the L760 with the iPhone (which has YouTube support via a dedicate video browser but lacks the ability to either shoot video footage or upload to the site).  In terms of consuming media, the iPhone’s gorgeous 3.5-inch screen probably tips the balance in its favour, but the Samsung is the one to pick if you like to create rather than just enjoy.

Samsung SGH-L760

It’ll be available in Spain in July, before spreading across Europe (like a cellular plague, perhaps).

Samsung [via Tech Ticker]

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