Samsung's Galaxy S20 is on sale today: 4 things you need to know

Today you'll find the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra on sale for the first time. This release includes multiple phones with very similar features and abilities – and it's going to be confusing if you're not set up with the details you need for your carrier of choice. You might also want to consider buying one of these phones off-contract, for one up-front cost. Let's take a peek at what you need to know.

4. Do you really need a phone this expensive?

Pricing is nearly identical for each individual device, regardless of your chosen carrier. Pricing from one phone to the next can be drastically different, though – so make sure you know if you really need that Ultra, or if the S20 (the most basic model) will do the trick. Take a peek at our Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review to see that it means to own an EXCESSIVE phone.

3. Basic Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will cost you around $1k if you buy it all at once. The S20+ will cost closer to $1,200, and the Ultra goes for $1,400. You'll be paying four hundred dollars more between the most basic and the most extravagant phone in this collection.

Verizon has a 2-year plan for each phone with one cost per-month for each of the three phones, S20 for $41.66, S20+ for $49.99, and S20 Ultra for $58.33 USD. Samsung Galaxy S20 prices at T-Mobile USA are essentially the same as those found at Verizon, with a 24-month (one price per month) payment plan.

AT&T has a 30-month (more than 2 years) plan with a per-month cost, too. Because the cost is spread over a few mort months than Verizon, it appears that AT&T has a better deal, when in reality you're still paying the same final cost when you add it all up. AT&T costs for 30 months have the S20 for $33.34, S20+ for $46.67, and S20 Ultra for $53.34 USD.

2. A closer look

For a closer look at the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, take a peek at our hands-on below and our review (linked above). We'll be looking closer at the two non-Ultra models in the near future, too.

1. The 5G question

If you're hoping to use 5G connectivity in the near future, make SURE you know which phone does what. If you want total 5G coverage, you'll want to make sure you get the right model – it's not likely the Galaxy S20 base model. The Galaxy S20+ and Ultra have the full range of 5G coverage, while the Galaxy S20 (base model) does not.