Samsung's first Marshmallow update goes to the Galaxy Note 4

Whenever a new major Android version comes out, many OEMs scramble to be the first to promise updates for their latest devices. Many, but not all. Samsung is notorious for taking its sweet time to get updates to its handsets, even the most recent ones. So when the latest Android Marshmallow suddenly popped up on someone's Galaxy Note 4, there was naturally reason to be quite surprised, if not skeptical. But apparently, it's the real deal, though most likely an accident than a precursor to imminent updates.

The update itself was unexpected, both by Samsung fans and most especially by the lucky Galaxy Note 4 owner. That said, there are signs that do tell that the update that was received was indeed legit. Or at least that it came from Samsung. Whether or not it was intended or is the final version of the update is still something left to speculation.

For Galaxy Note 4 owners, it's hard not to get excited about the accidentally leaked update. For one, it brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow, regarded as a quiet but significant improvement over Lollipop, especially in terms of power usage and privacy controls. It also has neat stuff like Google Now on Tap, which this solitary Galaxy Note 4 has gotten before its more recent siblings.

But more than just the sweetness of Marshmallow, owners will probably be excited about the new features and improvements to TouchWiz that the update will bring. For one, it seems that Galaxy Note 4 owners need no longer be envious of their Note 5 counterparts, as the update will also be bringing the new, more flexible Air Command as well as Screen Off Memo, two of the most notable advantages of the Galaxy Note 5. And to add to that, TouchWiz itself is reported to be faster and less resource intensive.

Excited? Sadly, it seems that the rest of the world will have to wait for the real updates to start rolling out. The fluke could mean that Samsung didn't really intend for the Galaxy Note 4 to get an update ahead of the Galaxy Note 5, or even the Galaxy S6. At least now, however, owners will have a lot to look forward to when the update does arrive.

VIA: NapiDroid