Samsung's battery-toting speaker sleeve scores 'meh' in the design stakes

You guessed it, chugg-hounds, it's another delicious game of "guess the PR model's motivation".  This pretty lady is holding Samsung's YA-DS200, a battery pack/speaker sleeve for their YEPP K3 DAP, but what does that cheeky lopsided grin tell you?  If you ask me, this minx knows something we don't.

So what could it be?  Maybe it's the 48hr battery life, but I'm not so sure.  I think she secretly knows that it's pretty ugly in comparison with most of the iPod accessories available, and she's actually laughing at YEPP K3 owners who might be thinking of buying it.  Poor show, Samsung model!

Samsung to launch its portable speaker for 'YEPP K3'[AVING]