Samsunged ad continues Samsung Galaxy S II iPhone war

In another advertisement released by Samsung to attest to the power of the Galaxy S II in the face of what they would call the clearly inferior iPhone, the new term "Samsunged" pops up to dice the love felt between Apple lovers in line for The Next Big Thing. Of course Samsung lets us know that The Next Big Thing is already here with the Galaxy S II in its many iterations, the people in line waiting for an absolution that Samsung says will never come. In addition, we're to understand that this and the rest of the similar Next Big Thing ads will culminate in a major spot during the 2012 Super Bowl on February 5th.

In the advertisement you're about to witness, some hipsters awaiting the loving embrace of the next Apple product are greeted by a Samsung hipster with a charger for them. But not before they check out the "first unboxing video" of whatever they're about to buy, it appearing to them to look "like last year's phone." Of course the references are obvious and the point is made.

What do you think of these ads? Are they appealing to you, the Apple customer, or are they insulting to your senses? How about you Samsung customers – do they make you feel superior? And those of you who own an LG device, for example, what do you think of all this hubub? Let us know!