Samsung YP-K5 gets the hands-on treatment

Chris Davies - Sep 16, 2006

If you’ve been jonesing to get your hands on Samsung’s clever little YP-K5 mp3 player – y’know, the one with the neato slide-down front that reveals the speaker array behind – you might be able to vicariously sate your lusts by reading jezlyn’s hands-on report of a very-tightly-locked-down unit at her local Best Buy.  Being an addict of podcasts, jezlyn looks at the YP-K5 with a particular mind to how it might perform as a portable podcast station to drag around her house with her.

Particularly of note, she finds, are the responsive controls, the endearing menu animations (apparently OS X-like, high praise indeed!) and, perhaps most importantly, the decent sound quality and surprisingly effective stereo separation.

If you’re into podcasts then you really need to take a look at jezlyn’s detailed consideration of synchronising and managing playlists and tracks; while she’s generally impressed with the YP-K5 she doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to usability flaws or value for money.

Scratched That Neophiliac Itch [Late to the Party]


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