Samsung WMG150 WiFi DLNA media adapter caught on video

Chris Davies - Aug 6, 2009

Samsung’s upcoming DLNA media streamer, the WMG150, has been caught doing its thing on camera.  A palm-sized box with HDMI connectivity and integrated WiFi, the WMG150 hooks up to a TV or display and can be used to show video, photos and audio from a wirelessly-connected cellphone or laptop.

Video demo after the cut

According to the video, the WMG150 can play back DivX and Xvid content together with PowerPoint and PDF files.  It’ll handle up to 720p HD video streaming, with full control from the phone or notebook itself.

What we don’t know yet – aside from what connectivity there might be as well as HDMI – is how much it will cost and when Samsung might release it.  Bluetooth adapters for showing content from a cellphone have been done before, but the flexibility (and higher transfer speeds) of WiFi could make the WMG150 a winner if the price is right.

[via Tech Ticker]

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