Samsung wireless TV could be the start of a new trend

Once hulking boxes that sat on top of sturdy wooden or metal cabinets, TVs have become so slim that they could be hung on and disappear into walls. But while the super thin and bezel-less frames make them look like they're embedded into walls, the one thing that breaks the illusion are the wires and cables that dangle out of these modern TVs. Samsung might be toying with a solution to that problem and, no, it won't involve a not-so-invisible One Invisible Connection.Samsung's answer to this problem last year was a relatively thin and transparent cable that carried both power and data to its TVs. There's still a cable and, depending on the surroundings, it could still be seen and even cut. A new patent spotted by LetsGoDigital, however, goes completely wireless even for power.

In essence, this would be a variant of the wireless charging technology that is becoming more and more common in the smartphone world. According to the patent, the wireless TV will have a thin electromagnetic bar that sits between it and the wall. This acts as the receiver that will power the TV.

Unlike current wireless charging products, however, Samsung's patent allows for some gap between that receiver and a base power station. That station conveniently also acts as a soundbar so nothing seems to be out of the ordinary visually speaking.

The only hitch in this idea is that few wireless charging technologies can actually support that kind of over the air power transmission. There will also be concerns about safety as well as interference with other wireless waves. But if Samsung pulls it off, you can bet it will use that same technology to eventually charge smartphones and other devices as well.