Samsung Wave Bada phone spotted already

If you want to keep your upcoming cellphone quiet until its triumphant MWC 2010 debut, it's probably a bad idea to put up a huge banner showing it in all its glory.  Unfortunately Samsung didn't appear to get that memo, and so we have the first official shots of the Samsung Wave, running their new Bada platform.

the:unwired's Arne Hess is already on the ground at MWC and the above photo showed up in his photo stream.  Of course beyond the name and what we can glean from the images there's no telling what the Wave's full specifications might be; it's obviously a full touchscreen device with a camera (and what looks like an LED flash) on the back, but we'll have to wait until Samsung's press conference to find out exact functionality.

As for Bada, we're still not quite sure whether the cellphone market really needs a new platform.  Samsung are positioning Bada as a smartphone OS for the everyman, bringing high-end features down to a hitherto featurephone price point, and they're counting on their sales figures to make it a success.

[via Cellular Mania]