Samsung Wants a 42-Inch OLED TV Ready to go in 2011

Evan Selleck - May 14, 2010, 11:45 am CDT
Samsung Wants a 42-Inch OLED TV Ready to go in 2011

Apparently bigger is better. Though, we’re a bit terrified of what a 42-inch OLED TV would cost, we’re still ridiculously excited to see how beautiful an image that would produce in front of our eyes. According to some new reports coming out today, it looks like Samsung wants to find out, too, and so they’re beginning some trial productions to bring it to life.

Samsung Mobile Display are currently in the process of beginning trial productions of a 42-inch OLED TV. It’s being produced by the new 5.5 generation production line in Cheonan some time in the third quarter of this year. Which means, as long as everything goes according to plan and the new Cheonan production line goes full swing by the start of next year, then we should get to see the first models from the line around the same time. Rumors have it, in fact, that we could see Samsung’s first 42-inch OLED TV during CES 2011.

We know that OLED TVs are something that a lot of people want. Even as LED becomes mainstream, and 3D knocks on the door, OLED is still there. Unfortunately, the price tag of an OLED TV is generally pretty high, and the bigger you get, the faster it climbs. We’ll have to hope that the price gets remedied soon, or these huge OLED displays may just be something we all stare at in the store.

[via Tech Radar]

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