Samsung vs Apple: FaceTime takes the stand

This week Samsung has gone on the offensive with their suggestion that Apple's FaceTime is a patent infringer. Samsung's own patent for compression of video before transmission is being held against Apple inside FaceTime, this new push tapping devices in Apple's lineup such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5.

Samsung acquired this patent in the year 2011 for a cool $2.3 million from its inventors, Michael Freeman and family. The patent was originally awarded in the year 1994. Samsung called Michael Freeman himself to the witness stand this week to speak about his development of the technology included in this 239 patent for video transmission.

Dan Schonfeld, professor of computer science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, spoke up about the patent as well, describing the technology as "revolutionary" for its time.

If Samsung is successful in proving the software infringes on their patent for compression of video before transmission as well as a number of other patents in this trial, Apple will be paying a large sum of cash to the Galaxy smartphone manufacturer. In all, Samsung is demanding a cool $6 million USD for Apple's alleged infringement.

VIA: The Guardian