Samsung video explains why it's so hyped about 5G

South Korea hasn't been one to settle on a network technology for too long. Even while the rest of the world is still migrating towards and heavily marketing 4G, companies and engineers already have their sights on the next generation, 5G. Samsung, unsurprisingly, is one of the biggest proponents of that technology, considering a good bulk of its business revolves around devices that connect to the Internet. Now it has released a video showing why you should be excited about it too. And no, it's isn't about eliminating YouTube buffering.

While 5G does promise insane, by today's standards, speeds, 7.5 Gbps as of Samsung's last test, the other important reason why 5G is important is exactly because of the proliferation of mobile devices. More than just speed, successive network standards also bring in bigger bandwidth. The popularity of smartphones and tablets, and soon perhaps smartwatches and smartglasses, have put a strain on current networks. 5G seeks to alleviate that by allotting more bandwidth for the Internet.

Alongside faster transfer of data, 5G, in theory, will also allow for larger transfer for data of any kind. This bit is important for what many see as the next evolution of the Internet and Internet-connected devices, the so-called Internet of Things, where everything including the kitchen sink might be connected to a network, both local and the Internet.

Of course, Samsung is boasting of its contributions to the advancement of 5G, in particular for pushing the mmWave technology that it believes should be the next standard. Although it plans to commercialize 5G only by 2020, it hopes to be able to flaunt its progress by the time the Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics rolls about in 2018. Samsung says that 5G let will people see 3D images of sports game statuses through holograms. Presuming of course, that kind of display will be available by that time.

But as much as Samsung wants to be the key player of the 5G push, it is still just one player. Like 4G, 5G will be an international standard, and that means getting more players into the game. So far those other players have been pretty silent on 5G advancement, so only time will really be able to tell when 5G will be ratified and implemented.

SOURCE: Samsung