Samsung's tests yield record-breaking 7.5Gbps 5G speed

While we mostly know Samsung as a consumer electronics manufacturer, especially of smartphones, the company's Research & Development is also obsessed about that one crucial aspect of the mobile experience that makes smartphones and tablets worth their price: Internet connections. While many parts of the world are still adapting to 4G LTE networks, Samsung, as well as other Korean companies, are already toying around with the next generation, obviously called 5G. Now it's R&D department is boasting of the fastest 5G speeds reached to date no just from a stationary test but also from a fast moving vehicle.

In the stationary test, Samsung was able to reach an average of 7.5 Gbps over a 28 Ghz 5G line. Considering that the fastest LTE network, the LTE-Advanced or LTE-A, only reaches theoretical downlink speeds of 225 Mbps, that is definitely an improvement, around 30 times in fact. But Samsung notes that this test is also special not just in the speed but also in the context. Supposedly, this is the first 5G test done outdoors and not in a stable, controlled, and sanitized indoor laboratory. According to Samsung, outdoor tests have so far been avoided due to issues of short communication ranges, which the company has alleviated with its Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology.

Not content with just testing 5G outdoors, Samsung also wanted to see how the network performs inside moving vehicles, because we all use our smartphones and tablets while commuting and sometimes while driving as well. To go to extremes, the researchers put the mobile network station inside a car traveling at 100 km/h. The data speeds might not be as fast as the stationary test, but the results are groundbreaking nonetheless. It clocked speeds of 1.2 Gbps of uninterrupted, stable connection. Inside a moving object.

Of course these are still tests and not yet near the dream speeds of 50 Gbps that 5G technology is theoretically capable of. Plus, This is just Samsung working on its own. There are still many missing pieces before 5G can even be widely implemented, including ratification of the 5G standard as well as acceptance by network providers. It's still a long way to go, but as far as Samsung is concerned, the future is bright and very, very fast.

SOURCE: Samsung