Samsung update One UI finally reaches wearables

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3 are in for a treat in the very near future as the company brings One UI to the bunch. As we've had experience with each of the devices on the list as well as Samsung's One UI on smartphones of several sorts, today we're exploring the company's approach in this land of wearables. Once we get the update sent to these devices in our review shop, we'll be set for updated reviews, as well.

This new One UI update brings new life to each of these most recent of Samsung wearable smart watches and activity trackers. In addition to a newly optimized user interface, these updates bring "Improved Health and Fitness Features" as well as Battery Optimizations.

Battery life should be improved via the automatic closure of background apps – as they should've been closed in the first place. What is it about mobile devices that software doesn't automatically switch between apps like a video game console? Shouldn't that have made sense right off the bat?

Battery optimizations also include the ability to choose "preferred" battery saving settings on the part of the user. Users can adjust how and when the display will be different amounts of bright, and when the display on each device should automatically time out.

On the Galaxy Watch (only) a new mode is included: High Heart Rate Alert. If your blood is pumping too fast, you'll get a little buzz. Not that you'll notice the buzz because obviously you're doing something extremely strenuous – but it's nice to know it's there, right? Right.

Sleep tracking is given a kick in the pants with the Galaxy Watch, including new comparison abilities. This means comparing the user's average sleep range to the typical range for their age group. If you're around 35, you should sleep exactly the amount that your information-gobbling brain will allow. There are things to be learned on that smartphone – the entire universe of information is at your fingertips!

One UI on all devices brings a less cluttered design – apparently easier to read, easier to navigate, and more "comfortable" to end users. Also your watch will now match your Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9, both of which should by now have their own latest-update One UI action in the mix.

Users of the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3 should now also have access to watch faces that were previously restricted to the Galaxy Watch Active. Finally, at long last, the watch faces you did not even know existed, can be yours!

Software roll-out dates for these devices depend largely on region. We're expecting the lot of the updates to hit the USA first, followed by Asia and Europe, etcetera.