Samsung Turbo View robo-vacuum packs live video streaming

Samsung has bred a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner with a WowWee Rovio and come up with the Tango View VC-FL87W, an autonomous cleaner which can beam live video back from its onboard webcam. If you're the paranoid type and you're not going to give up your mistrust of the home help even if you've replaced them with robots, then you can log in remotely via your smartphone or tablet and see what the Samsung Tango View is up to.

There's also a microphone, so that you can hear what people near the vacuum are saying, along with low-light video support. Noise during cleaning is apparently 48dB, and there are various vacuum modes including edge and turbo.

Samsung expects the Tango View to be priced at 799,000 won ($703) when it goes on sale, which is about double what you'd pay for a Roomba. Of course, with iRobot's vacuum you can never be sure if it's slacking off and drinking your liquor while you're out of the house.

[via Akihabara]