Samsung The Frame 2019 and Serif bring QLED to high-end furniture TV

If there's one thing Samsung dominates at every year at CES, it's massive, super expensive television sets. This year is no exception – not when The Frame is in town. Today The Frame 2019 was teased with a few details that make us want to appreciate art with a panel of light the likes of which would cost us both arms and both legs, all at once! This is all thanks to The Frame television family's biggest draw: the Samsung Art Store.

The Frame 2019

In the second half of the year 2018, Samsung Electronics America Inc announced a partnership with the Van Gogh Museum for The Frame. In The Frame, thanks to this partnership, users were given access to 25 Van Gogh artworks for digital purchase or in a subscription service with the Samsung Art Store. "This partnership allows new audiences to discover and showcase the beauty of Van Gogh's work in their home by using The Frame's innovative display technology to transform any room into a dynamic gallery," said Andrew Sivori, Vice President of TV Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics America.

A subscription to the Samsung Art Store costs The Frame users around $5 a month. Individual artworks can be purchased a la carte as well. OR you can get a temporary free subscription to the Samsung Art Store when you buy a The Frame TV set. The 65-inch edition of the 2018 The Frame currently costs around $2,200 – down from the $2,800 price at which it started. The 43-inch The Frame is currently around $1,200 USD.

The 2019 version of The Frame will feature new access to Samsung's AI-powered voice control platform Bixby. The 2019 version of The Frame will come with a QLED panel instead of OLED. With QLED, The Frame for 2019 will have "deeper contrasts, deeper and darker blacks and 100% color volume."

"The traditional TV was only focused on technical features, such as picture quality and performance, but now TVs are also a lifestyle platform that blends in consumers' daily life," said Jongsuk Choo, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. "This year's models of The Frame and SERIF TV are enhanced lifestyle TVs that deliver a TV experience like nothing before."

Serif TV 2019

There's an "aesthetic-focused TV" by the name of Serif TV coming to the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, as well. This latest Serif TV was developed with Paris-based design brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. These industrial designers generally aim their efforts at furniture design, but they have made other non-furniture items as well – jewelry, for example.

Serif TV's predecessors have earned themselves some awards for industrial design – including three awards in 2016: the 2016 iF Design Award, the 2016 Wallpaper* Design Award, and the 2016 Good Design Award in Japan. The 2019 Serif TV comes with QLED as well. We'll see more at Samsung's even(s) at CES 2019 – stick around for the whole show, right smack dab in the middle of the first week of January!