Samsung tablet to run Android, allow 3G/4G voice calls?

Having heard straight from the horse's mouth that Samsung are planning an iPad rival for launch later in 2010, new leaks from the company are beginning to flesh out the details.  According to Tweakers' sources, the Samsung tablet will run Android; that makes it reasonably unlikely that the company will – as execs hinted earlier this week – use an Intel Atom processor.

The sources also claim that the Samsung slate will have integrated data connectivity, with 3G confirmed but some talk of 4G potentially being on board as well.  As well as allowing for data services, the tablet will also apparently support voice calls, most likely via some sort of wired or wireless headset.

Samsung previously suggested that their slate would have more connectivity options than Apple's iPad, which makes do with a dock connector and 3.5mm headphone jack.  The company claims it will be targeting the tablet at a consumer audience, as opposed to its earlier experiments with UMPCs that focused on enterprise and vertical markets.