Samsung Super AMOLED screen to show up on mobile phone at MWC

Samsung makes tons of devices and products that are on the tech market today. The company makes lots and lots of LCD and AMOLED screens that end up being used on Samsung products and other products produced by different companies. Samsung has announced that we will see a new mobile phone at MWC sporting its latest screen tech.

The screen will be the new SUPER AMOLED screen with integrated touch functionality. The first phone to use the new 3.3-inch WVGA AMOLED screen will debut at MWC in Spain. Samsung claims that the new screen is five times more vivid than a typical AMOLED screen and has 20% improved performance when used outdoors.

There is no information offered on the mobile phone that will be sporting the screen. We have no idea what manufacturer will be showing the device right now. If Samsungs claims for performance are accurate, this may well be the best screen to hit a mobile phone. We presume this is the first device that will use the new AMOLED screen we talked about at the beginning of the month.