Samsung AMOLED panel integrates touchscreen; mass production in March 2010

Samsung Mobile Display are gearing up to mass produce touchscreen AMOLED panels in March 2010, and while many AMOLED devices already have touch-sensitivity, these new 3.3-inch displays integrate the touchscreen and AMOLED layers.  First off the production line will be 800 x 480 WVGA screens, just crying out for inclusion in Samsung Mobile's handset line, with the touch layer measuring just 0.001mm thick.

The benefit is reduced image obscuring: traditionally layered technologies, which pair separate displays and touch sensors can lead to occluded or blurry screen detail.  A little confusing is Samsung's explanation of how they constructed the touchscreen AMOLED panel; according to the Korea IT Times, "Samsung placed a touch sensor (on-cell) over the mirror display and made it evaporate".  We're guessing there are some translation issues there, particularly on "evaporate".  No word on how much the panels cost, compared to existing products.

[via OLED-Info]