Samsung snatches AMD server specialists

Chris Burns - Apr 3, 2012
Samsung snatches AMD server specialists

This week there’s a bit more action on the Samsung side of things as the electronics giant hires several AMD server specialists. These hires likely point toward a new focus in Samsung’s processor focus, with former AMD vice president and until-Friday general manager of their server chip business Patrick Patla being Samsung’s latest hire. Recruits to Samsung over the past year include several AMD titans from across the gamut, with chips for servers appearing to be the next aim of Samsung’s SoC business.

Samsung in South Korea has sent out confirmation that Patla is now a vice president at the company, but would not comment on the possibility that they’d soon be making server-ready chips for the market. This move may be one that will bring Samsung out of its 2nd place spot for semiconductor revenue, a spot long held by Intel. Other competitors in the wide world of chips include such fighters as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and NVIDIA, each of these currently also fighting for sway over the mobile SoC world where Samsung’s chips sit in not only their own devices, but the iPad and the iPhone as well.

If indeed Samsung does move into server chips, it will mean just as big an expansion as was announced earlier this week in their display business. Samsung has done well for itself in the past handful of years in the mobile business as well as in memory chips and displays, so a move to chips for servers only seems natural at this point. Would you trust a Samsung chip in your server this summer?

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