Samsung Smart TV Update Includes YouTube 3D Video App

The Samsung updates are flowing like wine here in Berlin, as Samsung's Unpacked event this week has revealed a large overflowing cup of new features for their Smart TV platform, the most interesting of which may be the fact that the next update will come with instant connectivity to YouTube's library of 3D videos through the newly updated YouTube on TV application for Smart TV. You'll be able to stream YouTube 3D videos at will, this adding countless bits of content to your relatively small set of already available 3D videos. Will this be enough for you to want a 3D television in the future?

Yes indeed, it's been the bane of those adopting the 3D platform since its re-introduction over the past few years that content creators aren't quite traveling at the same speed as hardware creators – with this update and connection to YouTube's 3D library, you've got an ever-expanding collection. It's the way mobile devices are working now as well, offering one piece of the puzzle for free while the main bit of hardware costs a pretty penny.

What Samsung is doing here is making you want to also pick up a 3D-capable recording device so that, without more than the bare minimum of effort, will be able to view your own 3D content on a gigantic display. As Kyungsik Kevin Lee, vice president of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics says,

"Samsung Smart TV is an ideal platform for YouTube to convey the beautifully visual user interface and 3D experience that consumers will now have at their fingertips for watching and sharing of 3D content worldwide-this partnership will contribute to the continued growth of both the 3D and Smart TV industries." -Kyungsik Kevin Lee

Again I must ask – is it enough for you? Let the Samsung Smart TV brand wash over you!