Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 price and date revealed

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A few weeks ago, Samsung unveiled its new Bluetooth keyboard that was designed for on-the-go productivity even when it could be used just right at home. The Smart Keyboard Trio is one of the few of its kind that could connect to multiple devices simultaneously and also boasted some conveniences when paired with Samsung's phones. Samsung didn't say, however, when it would be made available but the press release in Germany kindly provides those missing key details, at least for that market.

Truth be told, there isn't exactly anything mind-blowing about the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500. Logitech is known for keyboards that can also pair up with three devices and quickly switch between the three with specific buttons. Some are also just as portable as Samsung's new keyboard.

What does set the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 apart is some conveniences when it comes to smartphones. Although it doesn't seem to be exclusive to Samsung devices is how each of those buttons for switching devices can be mapped to a certain app per device. That means, for example, that switching from phone to PC could launch a browser or video app instantly.

What is exclusive to Samsung phones is the dedicated DeX mode button. Under some circumstances, DeX mode has to be toggled from the phone's or tablet's quick settings menu and this makes it a lot more convenient when you're already set up anyway.

Something that Samsung left out in the US announcement is the price and launch date for the accessory. In Germany, however, it revealed that the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will retail for just 44.90 EUR, roughly $55. It will also launch in June, not May as earlier speculated, and, hopefully its availability in international markets and the US will begin around that time as well.