Samsung show unnamed WM6 Pro Smartphone with mouse scroll

Chris Davies - Sep 19, 2007, 3:40pm CDT

Fresh from the maw of the rumour possum comes a video of a Samsung smartphone, running WM6 Pro with a flush-fitted touchscreen and innovative mouse scroller, shot at GITEX and as yet unannounced by the company themselves.  The handset, which resembles the SGH-i600 and appears to have a front-mounted camera suggesting UMTS video calling capabilities, differs from earlier Samsung models by virtue of its larger, square-aspect touchscreen.

From the video it’s difficult to say whether it’s a physical trackball-type mechanism or some sort of tiny trackpad used to control the mouse; there’s also no suggestion of model, name or release schedule.  Still, the prospect of a replacement for the popular Blackjack will likely have Samsung fans salivating.

Unknown Samsung WM6 smartphone shown at GITEX

Pocket PC Thoughts [via the::unwired]

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