Samsung Shape speakers now speak Spotify Connect lingo

JC Torres - Jun 9, 2014
Samsung Shape speakers now speak Spotify Connect lingo

If you’re one of the few owners of Samsung‘s wireless multiroom speakers, your audio equipment has just gotten an upgrade. Now these Shape wireless speakers can now be controlled with Spotify‘s mobile app, allowing users to combine Spotify’s selection of music with Samsung’s equipment, if you already have it.

The Samsung Shape, particularly the M7 model, isn’t exactly new. Launched late 2013, it took on Sonos with its multiroom speaker spiel, but added the lure of Samsung’s entire multimedia and entertainment ecosystem, ranging from TVs to smartphones, tablets, and more. The ability to control the speakers via a mobile app isn’t new either, with the Samsung Shape launching with support for TuneIn, Rhapsody, and Pandora.

Now, however, it’s Spotify’s time to shine. Spotify already has its own wireless speaker spin, called Spotify Connect, which it advertises as a way for users to enjoy their music while remaining untethered by cables and wires. The difference, according to Samsung, is that the Samsung Shape is the first consumer product in the world that lets Spotify stream to more than one speaker. Definitely a bold claim that some will surely want to contest, but for now, we will let Samsung bask in that distinction.

Pairing speaker to device is easily done via Bluetooth, easier via NFC. Connections and transfers are established via WiFi. Users will be able to control streaming and playback right from the Spotify app, without having to switch between Spotify and some other app just to pause and play.

Spotify has free versions on both Android and iOS, but the speakers are going to cost you quite a bit. The Samsung Shape M7 carry a $329 price tag, down from the $399 at launch, which might make some buyers reconsider unless they’re already knee-deep in Samsung devices anyway.

SOURCE: Samsung

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