Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS notebook PC Hands-on [Video]

A lovely set of laptops is what Samsung is presenting next here at this year's Pepcom Holiday Spectacular 2011, the Samsung Notebook Series 7 CHRONOS. This laptop comes in two sizes, one of them a 14-inch profile, the other a 15-inch profile, both of them with bigger displays than you've ever seen before in such a small set of chassis. What we get to see here isn't so much about the insides – things like the Battery Life Plus tech which keeps 80% of the cell's original capacity in a normal life cycle (this providing up to 15,000 charging cycles), instead our presenter from Samsung shows off the uniqueness in the display technology and the coolness of the chassis – well done since we've already also got an IFA 2011 look of one of the two of these notebooks in some nice photo detail as well.

What we get to see here is the slickness in the design of these two new titans, both of them designed to look good and act as an aesthetically pleasing companion for the worker, student, or player on the go. Open up one of these bad boys in your local sandwich shop and look at all the eyes upon you – they want to know where you got your new, wait, what is that? It's a Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook, announced at IFA 2011 and already finding its way to NYC in time for this Pepcom event. You can just FEEL the excitement surround you.

What the big deal we're looking at here is sits inside a chassis built for a tinier news bit – that's right, for each of these notebooks, the hardware is built to house a bigger display. The bezel size in particular is greatly reduced on both models, with a 15-inch display fitting now inside a 14-inch profile and a 15.6-inch display embedding real snug inside the 15-inch model. You'll find that we're only seeing one of the two models powered up, but the display tech is quite apparent. Each Series 7 CHRONOS Notebook have SuperBright 300nit brightness, anti-reflective glass, and 16 million colors blasting forth from the inner workings of the Samsung CPU mind.

[vms f85df22e9377d6c4f755]

At the very bottom of this post you can also see an interview conducted with Won Park, Vice President of Samsung Electronics IT Solutions Business Marketing Group who, also just a bit ago still inside September, explained the Samsung Notebook Series 7 CHRONOS in a bit more detail. This all look like a winning set of combinations to you?

You can see more Samsung technology alongside all sorts of other gadgets and gizmos we've gotten hands-on time with over the past week or so by hitting the [Pepcom Holiday Spectacular 2011 portal], your doorway to a neat variety of futuristic bits in conveniently formatted video and photo form. Try em all on for size!