Samsung Says MeeGo No-Go

A few days ago there were rumors circulating that Samsung was possibly eyeing a tie up with MeeGo. The suggestion seemed to be that Samsung would attempt to acquire MeeGo, even though MeeGo is open source. CNET reports that Samsung has now said that you can't buy an open source project. While there might be some truth to that, the real crux of the deal is that Samsung isn't interested in MeeGo. No one is apparently, even Nokia has backed away from the OS.

The failure of WebOS has put an exclamation point on the fact that the OS realm for mobile devices today is a three horse race with iOS and Android dominating and Windows Phone 7 far behind. One of the big reasons why rumors pointed to Samsung eyeing MeeGo is that the Android patent licensing fees Microsoft is beating out of smartphone makers are far from cheap.

Moving to another OS would allow the makers to avoid paying those Android patent royalties. Samsung's rep also noted to CNET that the company was investing significantly in its own software solutions and content. It would be easy to assume that those investments would include bada. Do you think bada would have a chance on today's market? I don't.