Samsung said to move 10 million Galaxy S IV units per month

Craig Lloyd - Jan 24, 2013, 12:53pm CST
Samsung said to move 10 million Galaxy S IV units per month

We’ve been hearing a lot about Samsung‘s upcoming flagship smartphone, and while we’re all curious to know the specs and design of the new device, something that may not have come to mind are Samsung’s expectations for the Galaxy S IV. It’s rumored that the company is expecting to sell 10 million units per month on average.

Apparently, Money Today has learned that Samsung has ordered each of its subcontractors to provide 10 million components per month, and even if that is true, we don’t expect Samsung or any of its clients to comment on those numbers. Overall, though, Overall, Samsung wants to sell over 500 million phones in 2013, with 350 million of them being smartphones.

It’s been heavily rumored that the GSIV will release to the public in April, with an announcement coming on March 22, according to the latest speculation. And due to the tremendous success of the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III, Samsung wants to go big with its upcoming device, and is looking to sell more units than any of its phones ever.

The Galaxy S III is one the best-selling smartphones in the world, but it took 50 days for it to surpass shipments of 10 million units a feat that Samsung wants to shorten that to 30 days with the Galaxy S IV and continue to deliver those number every month. It’s not said how long Samsung wants to keep that up, but we’re guessing throughout the summer into the holiday season.

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