Samsung rumored to start from scratch with Project Zero

Based on recent figures, Samsung still remains the top dog in the mobile device market, especially as far as Android is concerned, but it has definitely seen better days. It's financial performance the past quarters has been taking a rather depressing downward pattern and many have suggested that it's high time for the Korean manufacturer to take stock and start anew. And Samsung seems to be listening. Word on the rumor mill is that the company is working on its next device, currently codenamed "Project Zero".

Aside from the rather ominous sounding name, Project Zero seems to suggest that Samsung won't simply be using its tried and tested but now failing approach to devices. In other words, it will starting from scratch, but probably not entirely. Common sense, plus a bit of business sense, would dictate that it keep at least the good lessons it has learned the past years. But there is also a dire need for the OEM to break free from the mold that is no longer working for the current mobile generation.

That said, what would it really mean for Samsung to "start from scratch"? Surely it doesn't mean going about its own way with a mobile platform of its own. It has already tried that with Tizen and has so far failed. Now more than ever, Samsung actually needs Android and Google to keep its spot in the market. But even in its own Android corner there is a lot of work to be done. TouchWiz, notorious for its bloat and almost indiscernible look, easily comes to mind. The company's flip-flopping on various ventures, especially those that touch on content (music, videos, books) or messaging (ChatON) could perhaps also use some reconsideration.

But some might actually point out more the company's business strategy in putting out devices, especially the ones falling below the high-end point. Samsung releases dozens of devices and variants a year, as if simply throwing them up in the air and waiting to see which ones survive. That may no longer be feasible and Samsung might have to consolidate its lines and focus on fewer but more identifiable devices and brands. That said, some analysts would point out that a big share of Samsung's profits this quarter actually came from its mid- to low-range markets.

"Project Zero" is still too raw to truly describe, but those with interests in Samsung and the mobile world in general will surely be looking out for this one. But even if Samsung might be starting from scratch for its next flagship, it might not be willing to start from zero when it comes to the name. The next Samsung superstar, which, if it sticks to its schedule, gets introduced in February (or April), will be named, you guessed it, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

VIA; SamMobile